Ultimate Armor Set


Ultimate Armor Set All made from vacuum formed 0.090″ thick ABS and resin components and your choice of helmet and laser cut visor!!!

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This is the whole kit. If you wanna build a Mandalorian style suit, this is more than just a start. You get your choice of helmets, your choice of jet pack rocket, and every piece of armor that you can reasonably fit on your person! (Over 50 pieces!)


Want a Female version? We will swap out the upper body plates for you! Simply make note of the cup size and which of our back plates you prefer when ordering!

It comes with all of this:

  1. Right chest plate
  2. Left chest plate
  3. Center chest diamond
  4. Abdomen plate
  5. Neck plate (gorget)
  6. Shoulder plates (pair)
  7. Hand plates (pair)
  8. Left gauntlet top and bottom
  9. Right gauntlet top and bottom
  10. Back plate
  11. Front and back outer belt panels
  12. Right thigh and holster
  13. Left thigh and holster
  14. Knee plates (pair)
  15. Shin plates (pair)
  16. Boot spat armor (pair)
  17. Boot toe Armor designed to fit “Brahma Banjo” Boots (pair)
  18. Set of 2 WESTAR 35 resin pistols
  19. Full Jet pack kit with your choice of center rocket and 2 spring steel mounting clips with Chicago screws
  20. Your choice of helmet with matching laser cut visor
  21. Scrap strips of Black ABS for back slotting, shimming, snap attachment, or creating!


Super Commando Option:

  1. 3/16″ thick Cold Cast Aluminum horns Installed in the selected helmet
  2. ABS plastic horns installed on shoulder plates.

Super Commando is an option that is sold as is installed only.


All made from vacuum formed 0.093″ thick ABS

We offer pre-cut PVC tubing for the jet pack since the sizes required may not be available internationally.

This is all we have, because we don’t even have a sink in the shop or we would have thrown it in! (nice preposition at the end of that sentence, eh)

These are rough cut and will require trimming.

Wanna see how it’s made?

Here are some videos about how we assemble gauntlets:

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 22 in

Verson 1.0, Version 2.1, Season 4/5 Pre Vizsla, Verd'ika, Owlet

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Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss