Powertech Blaster


Solid resin cast Powertech style Blaster Prop modeled after those seen in TOR.



This is our version of the Powertech style blasters as seen in TOR. We painstakingly  modeled, 3-D printed, and molded these from screen captures and reference from the game. Overall scaling is based on comparison to real world adult hands as they compare to the character hands in game. They are solid cast resin and come disassembled in 7 parts that can be glued together to make the final blaster. This is a large blaster that takes a lot of material. As it comes in separate parts, it can be hollowed out by drilling or milling before assembly to house electronics, lighting, etc. These things are a true handful and have a very satisfying heft when held as a solid prop.


Shown on a 1″ grid for sizing reference


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 3 in

Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss