Full Armor Set


Full armor set made of vacuum formed 0.090″ ABS

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Our animated DW Style Armor kit for your Mando costuming needs.

This kit includes:

  1. Right chest plate
  2. left chest plate
  3. center chest diamond
  4. abdomen plate
  5. neck plate (gorget)
  6. shoulder plates (Pair)
  7. hand plates (Pair)
  8. left gauntlet top and bottom
  9. right gauntlet top and bottom
  10. back plate
  11. Cod Plate
  12. right thigh and holster
  13. left thigh and holster
  14. knee plates (Pair)
  15. shin plates (Pair)
  16. boot covers (Pair)
  17. Boot Toe armor (Pair)
  18. and scrap for back slotting

All made from vacuum formed 0.090″ thick ABS. These are rough cut and will require trimming.

Here are some videos about how we assemble gauntlets:

Additional information

Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 13 in
Assembled Gauntlets

Yes, No

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