EA-17 Prop Blaster


Solid resin cast Explorer II Replica Prop



In pursuit of all things “swarzy” we found this little gem from a local gun collector. It is molded from an actual Charter Arms Explorer II .22 survival pistol. While it’s a major disappointment as an actual firearm, it is impossible to ignore it’s resemblance to a broom handle Mauser and it’s direct relation to the Armalite AR-7 that was used as a base for the original DL-21. This is a great base for a mercenary who takes charge of every situation or a rebel commando who marches to the beat of his own drum. Cast in solid Urethane plastic. These replica blasters are the SAFEST way to accessorize your costume. At 14 ounces, they are light in the holster and feel good in the hand.

Now available with “Swarzy” parts kit! All you have to do is cut off 3″ off of the barrel and glue all the bits together!
Parts Kit Option includes:

  • Blaster body casting 
  • Muzzle casting
  • M38A2 Scope Casting
  • Right Side Detail Plate
  • Left Side Detail Part

This is a NON-firing solid resin copy of a blaster. They are intended for training or display purposes only.

We are offering them in standard grey resin, ready to paint.

Shown on a 1″ grid for sizing reference


Please note that some items we sell may be illegal or require permits in your location, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are permitted to purchase these items prior to ordering.

Additional information

Weight .88 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 6.5 x 1.5 in
Parts Kit


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Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss