Our hollow-Cast Westar Carbine Style Blaster!

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This is our hollow cast resin Westar Carbine. A great amount of time and attention to detail went into the creation of this piece. The master was created by our own Minion Shaun here at the armory.

We are very excited to make these available for sale. Our Carbine is hollow cast in professional grade Smoothon Task 8 heat resistant polyurethane resin via our special 3 step “pour and slush” method. The hollow casting is a total of 24 fl oz and weighs less than 2 pounds!


Here are the Specs:

Length: 24″

Height: 6″ (Bottom of grip to top)

Width: 2″

Weight: Less than 2 lbs!



Please note that some items we sell may be illegal or require permits in your location, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are permitted to purchase these items prior to ordering.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 6 x 3 in


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