The Helmet of Ares, God of War


Ares helmet kit (assembly required)



The legendary helmet of Ares Greek God of War (assembly required)

One of the Twelve Olympians, and the son of Zeus and Hera, Ares often represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war.

You can be the adversary of the Amazons with his helmet. (It is also suitable for a surly Dwarf, an evil Litchking, or a victorious Warrior. Your imagination is the only limiting factor!)

This helmet came to being as a custom commission piece.  Eternal Armory started with a head armature and whole lot of clay to carve out the master for this fully hand sculpted helmet. It is inspired by screen shots from a recent film that starred a very WONDERful WOMAN. đŸ™‚ Great care was taken to recreate the unique textures of a helmet that was literally made, “on the fly”. There are 4 horns that you must attach to this helmet. (Please note that they fit so well, the horns in the photos above were simply stuck in the sockets and they actually held themselves in place.) Helmets ship with the visor area untrimmed, unless you choose the trimmed option.

Helmets are rotocast in a composite grey urethane with a shiny Onyx interior.

This helmet is sized specifically for heads around 23″, but will fit up to 24″. (Snugly)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 11 in
Visor Area Trimmed?


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Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss