Halloween is Coming!








Spooky Happenings!

  “The Uglies”  are our first offering in the spirit of Halloween. They are inspired by turn-of-the-century, homemade, Halloween masks. Their design hearkens back to a simpler time when materials were scarce and it only took a minimalist approach to create something truly terrifying and worthy of a traditional Halloween. The originals were sculpted right here in Willard Missouri. From clay, they were molded and cast in stone for vacuum forming the shells. These are formed in 0.090 black ABS for durability beyond that of mass-produced, commercially available masks. The raw mask option comes rough trimmed and ready for you to customize with paint and trimming. Our Custom finished option will be fully trimmed and tailored to match your creepy vision. (Per your order notes.) All finished masks are hand painted by our artisans. No two masks are alike. We cannot wait to see what you all do with the raw kits! -B-

Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss