How durable is the material from which the armor is made?

ABS is the same material that most automobile bumpers are crafted from.

Here is a small write up D, our engineer, did regarding ABS as it compares to HIPS. (It is VERY durable.)

Is it similar to sintra?

Sintra has a very low melting point and is generally hand-formed for Costuming. It is actually a type of sheet foam, like PVC. ABS has a much higher melting point and must be shaped through vacuum forming. Sintra is pretty tough stuff, but I would put ABS above it, in terms of durability, any day.

Could you give me a rough estimate on shipping cost?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our armor and props are price + shipping. In the shop on our website, you can fill a shopping cart with the items you need and it will figure the shipping for you. If you are an international customer, it will create a “shipping deposit” amount that we will contact you about once your order is filled, measured, and weighed. If you owe more to cover the shipping, we will contact you and have you pay it via the donation buttons on our site. If, for some reason, your deposit exceeds the actual cost to ship your items, we will refund a portion of the deposit.

How long it would take to make and ship my armor?

The current wait time for orders to be filled is listed on the large purple banner at the top of our website. We adjust what it says based on the current order Queue and the types of commission work we are doing at any given time. As with any “artisan-based” endeavor, our ship times will vary from order to order. Custom commission work or assembled parts will almost always exceed the wait time stated on the purple bar. We encourage costumers to contact us and inquire about their orders once the stated wait time has been reached and not before. We welcome the correspondence and want you to have a warm fuzzy feeling about where you have spent your money. Conversely, contacting us prior to when the stated wait time has lapsed is discouraged as it only slows your order down. (Time spent emailing is time not spent in the shop making cool stuff.)

Parts are made to order. Current process time is 3-5 WEEKS. For custom assembly services, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for items to ship. Dismiss