MORE Jet pack updates!

Our ongoing efforts to make the JT-12 jet pack kits we offer more accurate, durable, and lightweight have resulted in some new bits in the kit and additional info in the instructions.   All JT-12 jet pack kits from this day forward will include our updated Tank...

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Do you like to go Fast?

If you are a Flash Costumer, collector of Earth 2 memorabilia, or a member of the Legion of Doom looking to get a leg up on those dim-witted "heroes", you are in luck! We are very excited to now be offering our Golden Age Flash helmet kits in the Heroes & Villains...

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Announcing Eternal Lifestyle!

We had an idea. The geek community, whether you are a cosplayer, costumer, gamer, comic book enthusiast, artist, whovian, trekker, Brony, steam punk, LARPer, book worm, computer nerd, sci-fi aficionado, potterhead, stormtrooper, or frequent visitor to Middle Earth,...

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Happy Birthday Mr. Bogue!

The gang here at the armory would like to wish Mr. Jason Bogue, the creator of the Mandalorian Chimera helmet,  the happiest of birthdays today! Mr. Bogue is an amazing father, friend, Artist, and occasional minion here at the armory. This is the kind guy who will...

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…and the WINNER is!!   The results are in! Here is the list winners for  this year's Charity raffle! Oliver Massey - the helmet!! James Jenkins - Goodies! Phill Luttrell - Goodies! Ashton Harmon - Goodies! Leanne Aubin -...

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Free Q-Bond!!

Welcome to NOVEMBER costumers! Here in the US, this is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving! Because the gang here at Eternal Armory is so very thankful for all the support and patronage of you costumers out there, we are offering a special promotion for the month...

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Costumer Photos! Send them, Share Them!

We absolutely LOVE getting finished pics back from you guys out there. If you bought some of our parts and you have them all finished up, be sure to write a product review here on our site and, by all means send us some pics of your stuff!   Here are a few photos...

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We are MOVING!!

The Eternal Armory gang is pleased to announce that we are relocating our studio at 100 E. Jackson Street!! Due to some extreme "facility issues", we have been searching for a new home. Today, we closed on a new building to house our operations. It is located at 112...

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Torch Accuracy Part 2

As we discussed in a previous post, we have been working on our Left Torch gauntlet box to make some improvements, based on some new reference that surfaced. We are happy to announce that our new Left torch gauntlet box master has been molded and we are ready for...

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